Tribeca Companies is a premier investment firm headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Founded in 2005, we serve high-net-worth private clients and prime institutional partners.

Tribeca makes corporate and real estate investments.

We are known for our innovation, excellence in deal execution and investment performance.


We are uncompromisingly focused on providing resources, capital and solutions that create lasting value for our investors and the companies and assets in which we invest.

Our investment team has in-depth industry knowledge, refined processes for sourcing opportunities, evaluating and structuring investments, and efficiently managing and improving assets and companies.

We apply with vigor our energies to deliver solutions, unlock value and uplift growth. We invest with entrepreneurs and in businesses that will be the wellsprings of future opportunity.  We have a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital.  Our solid financial base and liquidity ensures our capacity to deliver on our undertakings.

Above all, we strive to create long-lasting value for our investors and profitability for our business partners.  Our results are consistent with this endeavor: we have successfully created value for our portfolio assets and generated extraordinary returns for our investors across a range of investment classes.

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