Private Equity

Technology & Bioscience

We are not just a source of capital.  We are commercialization and operational partner.  Via our people, practices and technologies, we give our portfolio companies an innovative edge to radically transform outcomes.  Our team is comprised of operations, clinical, finance and investment experts.  We are a transactional powerhouse that combines an extensive network of relationships with deep sector expertise and seasoned operational and deal sophistication.  We have an earned distinction for our candor, dependability, judgment and innovation.

We co-invest significantly with our stakeholders across all our business areas and at all stages of our investments, which ensures that our interests are firmly aligned with theirs.  We are particularly energized by our social impact: we don't only measure success by our numbers, we also consider how successfully our businesses implement the right actions that improve public outcomes and change lives.  We do this because we believe in leading with the social purpose of advancing healthier, happier lives.

Our investments are made in a well-informed, spry and decisive manner.  We have over 30 years of investing experience, with nearly $3 billion in transaction value.   Our past and present portfolios include more than 300 investments across a range of sectors, including real estate, bioscience, consumer products, technology, business services and industrials.  We have a flexible mandate which allows us to navigate and capitalize on transformational opportunities and changing investment landscapes.


We have a substantial global presence: our portfolio companies and their products and services positively impact the lives of millions in over 27 countries worldwide.  We have been recognized as leaders of innovation in the fields of wellness, technology and science through countless grants, awards and accolades, including, for example, DARPA, Bill and Melinda Gates, the White House, and SXSW.