Shelley Hossenlopp - Sales & Commercialization

Shelley Hossenlopp has 32 years of global and domestic laboratory and medical device commercialization experience in the following areas: sales, distribution, marketing, business development, funding, product management, clinical trials, regulatory, manufacturing and Intellectual Property strategy planning.

Shelley is an inventor with two patents as co-inventor with the US Army, and has advanced experience working with the Department of Defense (DoD) and other US and foreign government, Ministries of Health (MOH) and non-government agencies (NGO's).

She has executive management level experience working with all business climates: start-ups, mid-level, Fortune 100 & 500 Corporations, and non-profit 501(c)3's to include fund-raising and M & A activities.  Shelley was a founding employee of Tribeca Companies' portfolio company, Spot On Sciences, introducing it to Tribeca.

Shelley holds an MSA in Administration from Central Michigan University and a BS in Biomedicine from Oklahoma State University.  Her specialties include infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, infertility (IVF), contraception, and women's health, cancer, cardiology, organ transplants, leukemia, lymphoma, stem cells, and BSAT (biological select agents and toxins).